Michael J. Roberts, MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI, FAAP

Quality care for patients with asthma and allergies

After practicing in office allergy-immunology for 38 years, Michael J. Roberts, MD is limiting his practice for current patients to telemedicine consultations.

Telemedicine visits can be of significant benefits for the management of asthma, chronic cough, eczema, hives, nasal/sinus/ocular allergies, and immunologic conditions. These visits can be conducted from the safety and convenience from your home.

Preferred contact will be via email – MJR@ westhillsallergy.com

The record of your consultation will be forwarded to your office based physician of your choice.

Request a Telemedicine Visit

You will be directed to a link to pay $75 by credit card.


(818) 887-1556